What is the Best Asian Food in Las Vegas

The popularity of Asian food has been on the rise across the globe since the late 80s. It is the fastest-growing cuisine in America and many of the country’s top eateries are - you guessed it - Asian. Las Vegas locals can’t get enough Asian food and the area boasts some truly amazing far-eastern restaurants. Whether you’re looking for Thai, Japanese or something in between, we have your guide to the absolute best Asian food in Las Vegas. 

Table Thai has been voted the number one Thai restaurant in Vegas for many years. It features an innovative, modern menu that combines traditional Thai flavors with top quality ingredients. You’ll find Thai classics like Tom Yum, Pad Thai, and Panang Curry as well as more playful, unique dishes like Dancing Shrimp Salad, marinated in lemongrass and served with a spicy lime dressing, or Gingerly Roasted Chicken with Jade Curry. 

Malaysian cuisine may not enjoy the same level of international buzz that Thai food does… yet. However, this unique culinary tradition combines elements of Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Indian cooking. Lucky for Vegas locals, Island Malaysian Cuisine is here to bring you this under-represented fare. Some menu items may resemble dishes from other Asian traditions, like roti, satay, clay pots and noodle soups. Others are very uniquely Malaysian, like Hainanese Chicken. No matter what dish you choose, Island Malaysian Cuisine promises to take your palette on a grand culinary adventure. 

Lao Di Fang Asian Kitchen offers a great selection of Chinese American classics, and a few pan-Asian choices for those who love variety. Their menu features tons of tempting starters like spring rolls, fried wontons, crab rangoon, and BBQ spare ribs. If you’re looking for some comforting soup to warm up on a cold, desert night, you’ll find a wide variety including wonton, sweet and sour, egg drop, and BBQ pork noodle, just to name a few. For entrees, you’ll find stir-fries like crispy, spicy eggplant, Szechaun beef, and kung pao shrimp, in addition to rice and noodle dishes. 

Veggie House has a similar menu, featuring vegan versions of pan-Asian favorites. They have a large selection of vegan sushi rolls, salads, appetizers, soups and stirfries like pineapple “duck,” cauliflower with mushrooms, and curry vegetables with tamarind. You’ll also find various Asian noodle dishes, vegan ramen, and even a couple of cajun style dishes on their diverse menu. 

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