What's the Best Steakhouse in Vegas?

Steakhouses offer an old school elegance that appeals to many vegas dinners.  Who doesn’t want the decadence of a juicy, mid-rare, perfectly seared, prime cut of beef? Fortunately, we have some of the best steakhouses here in Vegas and are happy to share our recommendations! 

Prosecco Italian Kitchen has made a name for itself by serving up a whopping 40 oz Tomahawk Steak.  It is truly legendary. It may require a little advanced planning to get your hands on this incredible cut of meat, as it is only available during limited hours. However, rest assured that the experience will be well worth it!

If the beefy behemoth (and it’s $100+ price tag) is more than you can handle, rest assured that Prosecco Italian Kitchen has many other delicious options. You can indulge in authentic braised veal shank with risotto, filet mignon seared in sage and butter, or chicken marsala served with potatoes and roasted vegetables. This decadent Vegas eatery truly embodies the sense of luxury one might expect from a classic steakhouse.  

If you’re hoping for a more casual experience, Mimosas Gourmet on Durango Drive is a great option for steak lovers is. They serve up a brunch menu that fuses American favorites with bold, Mexican flavors. They offer a variety of options for those seeking out the perfect steak, including steak and eggs, chicken fried steak served with biscuits and gravy, a steak omelet, fajita steak eggs benedict, steak and avocado sandwich, and spicy chicken fried steak sandwich.   

BG Bistro is serving up old-world charm with their Bulgarian take on the traditional steakhouse. Their menu seamlessly combines Eastern European traditions with classic American steakhouse fare.  The result is something truly unique.

Tantalizing appetizers include mushrooms stuffed with mozzarella and blue cheese, lightly breaded zucchini served with a garlicky yogurt dill sauce, smoked salmon with kalamata olives and fresh red onion, among over a dozen other palette-wetting options. 

Their grilled offerings are equally diverse, with over 20 plates to choose from. There are plenty of steakhouse classics like lamb chops with mushroom sauce, center-cut pork chops, grilled branzino, and of course the ubiquitous beef steak.  You could also choose from a number of traditional Bulgarian grilled items, like the Traditional Sausage Karnache, Schnitzel or Bulgarian spiced meatballs called Kiufteta. 


Aside from offering mouth-watering beef-laden meals to Vegas diners, each of these restaurants has something else in common.  They all are available through Online Restaurants. This allows you to order pick up or delivery from these and other great vegas restaurants from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. 

Online Restaurants is the easiest, most convenient way to enjoy a great steak in Vegas. Unlike other delivery platforms, you don’t even need a credit card to order. Online Restaurants employs professional, local drivers and equips them with state of the art food transportation units, allowing them to get you the perfect steak from any restaurant in a 15-mile radius while it’s still piping hot and juicy. Other competitors use inferior methods and only offer delivery within 5-10 miles.  

The next time you feel like enjoying the luxury of a great Vegas steak, there’s no need to get all dolled up, brave the weather, circle for parking, wait for a table or any of that nonsense. Nor do you need to become a steak grilling master in your precious spare time.  All you need to do is remember that Online Restaurants will bring the best steaks in Vegas, right to you.

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