Where Can One Get the Best Indian Food in Las Vegas?

Indian has one of the oldest, richest, and most complex culinary traditions on the planet. Indian spices are so coveted, Europeans scoured the globe trying to find the fastest route to this culinary paradise. It’s safe to say that Indian food has had an enormous global impact. It is one of the most popular types of food in cosmopolitan cities around the world, and Vegas is no exception. 

Never a city to shy away from global food trends, Las Vegas has some truly delicious, authentic Indian restaurants. From traditional, regional restaurants, to more modern Indian menus, Sin City has them all. Better still, a wide range of local Indian favorites are available for delivery and pick-up through one convenient app. OnlineRestaurants.com brings all the best Las Vegas Indian restaurants, right to your doorstep!

Angara India Spice is a fantastic, regional Indian eatery. You’ll find all your favorite deep-fried Indian snacks like Veggie Pakora, Samosas, and Onion Bhaji. There’s an extensive vegetarian menu, including Chili Paneer Spicy Vindaloo, Mushroom Matar Curry, Chana Masala, and Bengan Bharta with tandoori roasted eggplant, stewed with ginger and tomatoes.  There are 10 different tandoori options, featuring various meats, seafood, and even paneer. There are dozens of curry options with chicken, lamb or goat, and a number of different biryanis.  

Taj Palace offers all the usual tasty Indian appetizers, including sampler platters for both vegetarians and omnivores. There are 11 chicken curries to choose from, 12 lamb curries, 3 goat curries, and 10 curries featuring shrimp or fish. Taj Palace not only has a range of vegetarian offerings, but a special section for vegans with delicious dishes like Aloo Gobi and Chana Saag, with tender chickpeas cooked in spinach. They also have over a dozen different tandoori breads, like 7 different types of Naan, roti, deep-fried Bhatura, Puri, and Paratha either plain, seasoned with carom seeds, or stuffed with spinach, cauliflower or potatoes.   

Lazeez Indian-Mediterranean Grill has both traditional Indian offerings like tandooris, kormas, vindaloos, masalas, and biryanis, but also many Mediterranean and middles eastern plates. They offer kabobs, shawarma, falafel, gyros, hummus, and babaganoush. They also have less exotic options, like burgers, grilled cheese, and deep-fried chicken fingers. This large and varied menu has something for everyone!  

Pure Indian Cuisine is known for its use of high-quality, fresh ingredients. In addition to all the classic Indian appetizers you’d expect, you’ll find Lasoni Gobi, which is delightfully butter-fried cauliflower with onions and a tangy sauce. They also serve Fish Pakora with a mint and radish chutney.  You’ll find dozens of traditional curries, mostly from the Punjabi tradition. Alongside expertly spiced biryanis, you’ll find other rice dishes like Jeera Rice and Pulao. Overall, it is a tight, focused, modern Indian menu.

The more eclectic Angara Indian Spice Grill offers dishes like Bombay Fish, which marinates the catch of the day in a delicate blend of herbs and spices or Vegetable Manchurian featuring deep-fried mixed vegetable dumplings in a sumptuous gravy. You’ll also find a wide variety of rice dishes and curries featuring lamb, goat, chicken, fish, shrimp, paneer, eggplant, chickpeas, mushrooms, okra, potatoes, and mixed vegetables.  

Mount Everest India’s Cuisine brings you delicious delicacies from the Himalayas.  If you’re a dumpling fan, you’ll love their steamed momos. They have all the Indian curries you’d expect, and a few dishes from other Himalayan countries as well. You’ll find Tibetan style thick noodles, served with either chicken or vegetables. They also have Seekh Kabobs, kofta, and Lamb Keema.  In a list full of wonderful menus from far-flung lands, theirs stands out for their unusual offerings from throughout the region.   

Another restaurant offering dishes from across the Indian Subcontinent is Delhi Indian Cuisine. This award-winning restaurant offers Nepali dishes like momo and chaumin noodles, plus Indo-Chinese options like Manchurian dumplings, Chili Paneer and fried rice. They bring you Idli, a savory cake from Southern India, Dahl Makhani from the north, and just about every traditional Indian favorite in between. 

Online Restaurants lets you order right from your computer, or download the FREE app. This eliminates the need for awkward phone calls, where you aren’t entirely sure if they heard you order Butter Chicken. There are no hidden fees, no circling for parking, just the delicious Indian food you crave!  

Online Restaurants is open 7 days a week from 10am-11pm, so you can get amazing Indian cuisine every day. Drivers are equipped with state-of-the-art hot food bags, so your samosas will be crispy and your curries will be piping hot. It is the most convenient choice for Indian food door delivery in Las Vegas. So next time you’re craving the exotic spices of a freshly made biryani or slow-cooked complexity of good vindaloo, you know where to search!

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